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TIMECAPSULE 2020  [DeLorean Time Machine]  

Hey there everybody! I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but I haven’t been posting much these past months. I decided that I should be on a hiatus so that I can reflect on my art and try to improve in creating neat stuff. But don’t worry! I’m not going anywhere, and I will be available to talk to in the meantime.  As you may have guess, I won’t be coming back with new or old material until the year 2020, WoW! Which is only 3 years from this postdate! By that time, I will be 22 years old, and I won’t come back until after my 22nd birthday. That doesn’t mean I won’t be posting blogs up here for ya’ll, and with that I will post any videos or animations that I may have. Another reason I’m doing this is because I won’t be able to afford collage or something like that, and so that means I won’t be able to get any specialized art training to benefit me on my journey, maybe someday! I do hope however to get a job and try my best to purchase things I need for my creativity. I must admit I’m scared of what lies ahead of me, and I’m even more afraid that I won’t be able to reach my goals. But no matter what, I will try to get what I need, and I will be willing to chase whatever this thing is until I become old and die. Because for me, Art is the one thing im living for, I live to draw, and I made that my purpose in life. Not making a lot of money, not acting, not having a lot of friends, just Art. I may not be the best independent artist out there, but I am one, for I am only one, I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and because I am only one, I will not stop doing the one thing I can do.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and some things I just can’t get out of my head, so they drive me crazy. I have freaky dreams that scare the crap out of me, and I’m not the sharpest tool in the box. I’m not innocent in all this either, I’ve said some things I’m not proud of, I made mistakes that haunt me, and I have a severe self-esteem issue. I’m currently having some insomnia problems as well, not only because of my dreams, but freaky stuff like bugs, and the many ideas that fly by over my head, where I would often times see Orchid create a energy shield or something, or Knucklehead fly by gigantic airships. Hopefully I can feel better as I focus on my art, and wellbeing for the years to come. But no matter what, I will make art, I already made it so far, and so I can’t give up, and I won’t.  [New Avi cute piggy]  

So, Hasta la vista everyone! This isn’t a goodbye, I’ll be back.

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Its ours for the Takin'!!!


(Man! I feel like Spongebob and Squidward in this video! Also those two crying dudes.)

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Mannnnnnnnnnn! Class of 2017!!!! WHOOP! WHOOP!

My entire like I have lived up to this moment! For 15 years, and I finally made it!! It wasn’t a joyride I tell you that, there have been moments where I wanted to give up, especially after the harsh mental issues I faced throughout my bad days, and from the mistakes I made before that still haunt me, but I have come through… As much as I wanted to give up during my school days, I didn’t.

Its so funny, as I remember my very first day of school, I was only a 5-year-old little thing, and I still remember that day. I never really thought I was ever going to reach the point where I would no longer go to school and now I’m here! But it wasn’t a smooth ride though… I was always emotional throughout my life and I was easily scared by lots of things. I moved around a lot from what I can remember, and i missed a lot of things, but my mother did everything to take care of us, she did her best for us even with her limitations and I’m grateful she’s still with me.  [:)]

I guess another thing that motivated me through all the bad times, even now, was my dream to draw cartoons. I never really knew what sparked this dream, but it did indeed come from a dream, a dream that filled me with joy. A dream I had in my family’s homeland, whether it’s real or not, I felt that location gave me a reason to live, a thing I was to pursue my entire life. I still remember that dream that occurred in 2004.  [:)]  it was a fun dream filled with talking animals, in cartoon style, Turtles were my favorite animals at that time so I dreamed of a turtle! What I saw in my dream was in a style reminiscent of Tex Avery, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera’s cartoons, which I took inspiration from and made an art style of my own! So how exactly did I reach my current style that I enjoy so deeply?

Well back then I used to watch Tom and Jerry lot, those were a lot of fun! Until I also watch some cartoons that were on during the early 2000s, one that I really loved was Mucha Lucha! I’m not sure who made the character designs for that show, but I believe it to be Eddie Mort. Because of his style, I think that’s where I sort of “finalized” the idea of how I wanted my cartoons to look. You know! That weird Glixeworld style! So, for that I thank you Eddie! Now soon after things would get interesting because once I first started, I could only draw stick men! If only I saved them to show you how ridiculous they looked! I never did, since they were too awful. It wasn’t until I took inspiration from Naoto Ohshima and Yuji Uekawa, the guys who designed and redesigned Sonic the hedgehog as we know him. I used to play the original Sonic games as a kid and I really liked them as a kid, little knowing about the two guys who designed the characters! So, thanks to all those guys for their massive influence, and ultimately inspiring me. I wouldn’t have gotten my current style if it weren’t for them!

Now it wasn’t until recently I changed my drawings once again to its current look as of now. During the early 2010’s I wasn’t quite satisfied with my designs much. During that time, anime really intrigued me, so I decided to learn how to draw anime, and as I continued to learn how even today, I began to incorporate that anime into my cartoons, the first ones to get the anime treatment were my female characters because at the time I just started designing female characters. Since then i have made my female cartoons to look the way they do now!


There have been many more artists and animators who influenced me and gave me some new perspectives of their own, whether that ranged from anime to western style to realism, and so i wanted to implement all of those into a story that i put together from my personal experiences and emotions, and believe me I've struggled with emotions! I would like to aplogize to everyone i got nasty with during my times online, and i want to say that i never mean any of what i put out there, and i could never wish the worse for the people i dont like. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me and i lashed out on people along with it, im still learning to harness my issues and so i began to focus more on what makes me happy and evaluate what im failing at and learn how to fix my constant errs. 
I will see you guys soon!


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